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ADANAC 7000 Professional Stopwatch Timer


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The Marathon ADANAC 7000 Professional Stopwatch Timer offers precise tactile feedback. It's a reliable and durable timer with a simple design. Activate the orange backlight with comfort finger grip buttons. The digital stopwatch displays minutes, seconds, and 1/100th seconds, perfect for single and split events. Water, dust, and shock-resistant, it ensures durability. Features include time and calendar with an alarm.

Stopwatch functions include time-out mode, separate start/stop and reset buttons, and split-mode timing. It provides 1/100 sec resolution for the first 30 minutes and 1 sec resolution thereafter until 24 hours. The 40" lanyard (neckband) allows easy grab and release.

LARGE LCD DISPLAY - Great for displaying the minutes, seconds and 1/100th seconds

SPLIT MODE - Times single and split events. Freeze split-time display while total timing continues

TIME & CALENDAR - Time/Calendar displays hour, minute, seconds, month, date and day and alarm clock

LASER TUNED - Laser tuning ensures 1/100th second to provide high precision accuracy

ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Includes 40" safety breakaway lanyard

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ADANAC 7000 Professional Stopwatch Timer

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